At Western Group Packaging, our main priority is to deliver a superior product while offering full support throughout the manufacturing process. We are a market leader in industry trends and are ready to help you capitalize on emerging beverage market opportunities. Whether you have your own product idea or desire a turn-key solution, beverages are our specialty. Our team is trained to turn around your order quickly, efficiently, and under the stringent quality control, quality assurance standards.

With line speeds ranging from 600-750 bottles per minute, we have the ability to produce purified water, carbonated soft drinks, sport drinks, flavored teas and assorted juices.

“WGP views each customer as a partner & will help to ensure the success of each brand”

water processing

Our water purification system consists of Chlorination, Disinfection, Sand and Charcoal Filtration, including a High-volume Water Treatment System producing:

  • 70,000 liters per hour
  • 60,000 liters per hour Reverse Osmosis
  • UV Disinfection System
  • Cartridge Final Filtration

production processing equipment

  • Aroma Group Skid
  • Sugar Processing Skid
  • 150,000 Liters of finished product storage capability

Cutting-edge Technology. Advanced Engineering. On-time Delivery.

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